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March 4, 2010
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Character Traits Meme by pichu4850 Character Traits Meme by pichu4850
Edit: Hey everyone. There's been a lot of disagreement in how I chose to categorize these traits, but I hope you all noticed at the bottom that I stuck in a mini disclaimer: By no means are all traits strictly "negative" or "positive", black or white, nor are all traits strictly opposite to each other despite the fact I've written them as such but I apologize for any offense or dissatisfaction I've caused. This was all obviously very subject, however, at the time, this was the best I could do with a meme like this so please interpret or manipulate it as you see fit. It's been a few years and even I disagree with how I worded and formatted the traits.

So! I did that other traits meme and thought it was fun but me and fellow OC-enthusiast *SSPirate got talking and both agreed that there could be a far more detailed one. So thanks to her for giving me some feedback about this one :)

Anyway, I guess this can help you to develop your characters in regard to their personalities. Obviously I don't have everything that could possibly be on here but I hope that it's general (and at the same time specific) enough.

Have fun, you original character addicts.

You may:
Print this out.
Repeat this as many times as you wish.
Add on your own characteristics.
Add on more character slots.
Share this on another website.

But whatever you do, please link back to this original deviation so that others who are interested may also use it!

Don't be afraid to ask me any questions :) Unfortunately I am rather inactive now so I apologize for any late replies.
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L33tInMyOwnWay Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
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iCrescendoll Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is genius! Thanks for sharing!! :)
Did it! symphoniccatastrophe.deviantar…

I loved it, it was so helpful and offered some great insight on my characters! 
I'm glad it helped! :)

This is really helpful, but can you help me with my character? I don't know what flaws she has.


She is a non human, but she has a human form. Anyway, she's calm, serious, and very straightforward because she was abandon when she was born. She always speaks what on her mind and she's not very forgiving. Although, she does have a kind side and she rarely smiles. She can be cold hearted and arrogant too at times. She does like a guy who is human, but she gets very shy and timid when she's alone with him, but she doesn't let her feelings get in the way if there's something serious going on. She does have grudges too. Also she only cried two times, but she's really good with strategies. She has the knowledge of nature, animals, and archery and swordsmanship.


In the second series, she's changed a lot two and a half years later, but she's still calm, serious, straightforward, and al of those other traits from above, but she still tries not to have grudges. She became very opened to others and is very concern. She always let others speak what's on her mind first before herself. She's still shy and timid when she's around with the guy she likes.

Hi - hm, well from the description you just gave me, I feel like you've actually got a decent handle on what your characer's flaws and strengths are! Really, though, whatever flaws and strengths you think she has are relative to you and your other characters if any - so in other words, it really depends how you, as the creator of this character, view those traits (someone else might think a certain flaw is a strength and vice versa). 

In general, it is my opinion that a flaw is something that would hinder your character from achieving something she wants, hinders them from functioning in a society, acts as a balancing element to their strengths, or something along those lines. So for example, one shouldn't say being timid is strictly a flaw, or a negative character trait, but in the context of maybe speaking out or acting in public or trying to reach a goal, this could be a flaw. 

It sounds like your character has a pretty decent mix of traits. She sounds like a knowledgeable character with some talents and intelligence that puts her above the rest, has a kind but cold temperament, might have some insecurity issues with the guy she likes, but over time sounds like she may have softened up, but is still somewhat reserved in some aspects. It sounds like you've thought her story out and she isn't "flawless" or "flawed" to the extreme.

So those are my thoughts, but like I said, how you view your own character, not someone else, and the personality traits you combine with your characters should determine what you view as a flaw or not. :) I hope that helps.

It helps, thank you!
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